Vicki and Her Family Get on Their Feet with the Help of the Food Share

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Vicki and Her Family Get on Their Feet with the Help of the Food Share

When times were tough and Vicki found herself homeless, because of a community meal site she always had food to eat even while living in a tent. Her family is now getting back on their feet, and because local food pantries, she has healthy food to feed her children while she’s looking for a job.

“I live with my fiancé and our two boys. My dream is having a good, sustainable full-time job and to make ends meet. I am not asking to be wealthy, just live comfortably and not have to stress every week.

I lost my job and we ended up homeless when I was five months pregnant, sleeping in a tent in the park. The first night I was just praying I didn’t freeze to death.

My fiancé and I cooked our food over the fire and he made sure that I always ate. We lined up for dinner at Union Gospel Mission.

We had our son in a respite home. We had to stay in the tent — we didn’t have anything else, but we weren’t going to put him through it. So, we found a safe place for him out of town.

I didn’t get to see him, but I talked to him every night on the phone. At least I’d get to say, ‘Hi, I love you. Mommy misses you.’

Right before the snow hit, we found a place to live. I got my son back and we’re all together now. I still bargain shop. Formula and diapers are expensive and coming to the food bank helps us get through the month.”